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The George Experiment is a collection of conversations, thoughts and wisdom hosted by George Lee Sye – public speaker, author, business leader educator and frequent Superbike ride coach.

While this podcast is more directed towards people with strong career aspirations and high potential, the ultimate focus of George is on lifestyle and turning this big experiment we call life into one long successful fun filled venture.

Aug 13, 2021

Public speaking is a skill for sure. However many people approach the development of their capability with public speaking with a purely technical mindset. They erroneously think that by learning the techniques of public speaking and presentation delivery, mastery follows.

Truth is a good public speaker knows they need to BE something in order to DO public speaking well.

This podcast is about what you need to BE first if you do want to be a public speaking master.

This podcast is brought to you by:

Soarent Vision Pty Ltd, and George’s 9 Skills Factory professionals education platform.